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 The first, and only, true handheld camera stabilizer for the photographer in motion.

   The Kenyon Gyro crew would like to thank all of our old friends that came to see us recently at the 2014 Photo Plus Expo at the Javit's Center in NYC! There are just too many to mention! We would also like to thank all of the new friends we made for their interest in our unique product and hope to call you all old friends in the near future!

  When securing a sharp image or video becomes difficult, especially in a vehicle, boat or aircraft, a Kenyon handheld camera stabilizer quickly and easily attaches to your camera to help dampen out motor and rotor vibrations permitting lower shutter speeds and longer lenses that can provide greater clarity and an improved recognitions range with complete freedom of movement!

  The Kenyon Gyro camera stabilizer has been a proven device for more than 50 years and used throughout the movie & broadcast industry, NASA, National Geographic, the military, FBI, the police, just to name a few! Steadicam operators (NEW - Steadicam Gyro Package! click on link Steadi-PaK ) also add gyros their rigs, especially when filming in windy conditions. Our camera stabilizers are easy to use, do not require calibration, can always be repaired and will last a lifetime.


    Kenyon Laboratories has been manufacturing the gyrostabilizer for binoculars, cameras, sextants and other optical equipment since 1957. Ted Kenyon, the inventor, was a pioneer in the gyroscopic field and has as many as 40 patents attributed to him. His first patent in 1930 was for his boat speedometer, and ever since then, the Kenyon name has stood for quality and precision workmanship, a tradition of excellence we still maintain today.

  Each gyro is individually handcrafted and balanced to strict tolerances using only high quality materials and manufacturing processes. Ken Lab machines and assembles most of the parts needed in house, although some specialty components are produced to our exact specifications by long time manufacturers in the USA.

  Ken Lab has made every effort to improve upon the design as well as the manufacturing process and the latest advancement has produced the new 3 axis gyro stabilizer, a gyro capable of providing steadiness of a device in pitch, yaw and roll, only previously obtained by using two individual gyro stabilizers.   

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    Bob Krist with KS4x4       

Bob Kristkenyon redrock shouldermount2 





Introducing The  all NEW 3 Axis  "X" Series Gyro

Two gyros in one!




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