NEW! "X" Series 3 Axis Gyros

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                                           Very  Important!

When renting or purchasing an X series gyro, please consider how you wish to attach the gyro to your camera! The X series gyros were designed to use a quick release clamp system along with the proper camera plate that will attach to your camera. Because there are so many variations of different cameras and quick release clamp systems (QRC), it is almost impossible for us to provide for every type.

   A quick release clamp and exact camera plate for your camera is an invaluable tool for all types of tripod mounts, once you have one, you will always use one.

  You should first find a camera plate that is specifically made for your camera, you want one that will prevent the plate from twisting or moving on your camera, then of course you will need a compatible clamp. Kirk Enterprises, Sunwayfoto, Really Right Stuff and Manfrotto are just to name a few and are the brands we are most familiar with. Many can be bought right from, your favorite camera supply store or online from each manufacturer. For around $50 to $100, you can usually get both the plate and the clamp. With a little bit of research, it will be worth the investment.

  If you have any questions or need your clamp and plate system modified to fit the gyro, we are more than willing to help as well as do the modification here at the shop.



1) Using optional mounting plates, gyros can be stacked to gain even more stabilization options

2) One “X” series gyro gives the convenience of two standard gyros while using less space and only one cord

3) Four mass stabilization gyro wheels are configured to control 3 axis motion in yaw, pitch and roll




The All New "X" Series 3 Axis Gyros

     The possibilities are endless!

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                                   NEW Mounting Solutions!

 Arca Swiss Style Dovetail Mounting Plate for Use With Your Choice of Quick Release Clamps










Use optional mount plate with D Rings for safety/neck strap or bungee system

Below are PDF drawings of the hole locations in the mounting plates and mounting hole locations in the gyros. The KS-2x2 uses the 4x4 mount pattern and the KS-6x6 uses the KS-8x8 mount pattern.

FileDescriptionFile sizeLast modified
Download this file (4x4mountplate.pdf)4x4mountplate.pdf4x4mountpattern373 kB%2012-%11-%05 %0:%Nov%-05:00
Download this file (8x8mountpattern.pdf)8x8mountpattern8x8mountpattern290 kB%2012-%11-%06 %0:%Nov%-05:00

4X4 bottom half